Sunrise on a Cruise to Mexico (Video)

Sunrise from a cruise ship near Cozumel, Mexico

Sunrise from a cruise ship near Cozumel, Mexico

I can’t think of too many ways to start a day off better than watching the sunrise from a cruise ship. You can’t beat the feeling of opening your cabin door, stepping out onto your balcony, and watching the sunrise over the sea. The quiet that early morning on a cruise ship provides let’s you enjoy the relaxing sound of the ocean. The smell of the sea, the cool air of morning, and the sun on your face evokes a calming feeling. For me, a beautiful┬ámorning brings a positive feeling and eagerness to see what experiences might fill the new day.

This video was taken from my balcony on the Norwegian Dawn. The land that can be seen in the distance is Cozumel Island in Mexico. It was taken December 14 on a 70 degree morning that would become a 90 degree day.

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