Alberta Falls in Rocky Mountain National Park

Alberta Falls is one of the most popular destinations in Rocky Mountain National Park. The 30 ft. tall falls are an easy hike from the Glacier Gorge or Bear Lake parking areas on the Bear Lake Road.

Picture of Alberta Falls on a National Park sign at the trailhead
The hike from the Glacier Gorge trailhead (9,240 ft. elevation) to the falls is .9 miles and 1 mile from Bear Lake (9,475). Both trails are pretty easy, with a total elevation change of less than 200 feet. A sign marking the way to several destinations is located at a trail junction .3 miles from the Glacier Gorge trailhead and .4 miles from Bear Lake.

Trail sign near Glacier Gorge in RMNP

Trail sign near Glacier Gorge

The path winds through pine forests and stands of aspen. There’s a scenic overlook with a view of the river gorge and mountains beyond just before arriving at Alberta Falls.
The trail is snow-covered and the falls are frozen much of the year. The first photo on this post is actually the picture on the trail sign. The falls were covered in snow when I visited them in mid April and I wanted to show a photo with running water. I did go back to the area last weekend to get pictures of the falls and trail in a different setting, but after 50+ inches of snow in April and another 14 inches this month, the scene was much the same. Oh, and I missed the trail from Bear Lake to Alberta Falls (which was probably buried in snow) and ended up hiking to Nymph Lake instead, another beautiful spot in the area.

Aspens near Alberta Falls

Aspens along the trail to Alberta Falls

UPDATE: I returned to Alberta Falls on 6/2/2013. The snow was almost gone and many more visitors had arrived. I added a couple new pictures at the end of this post.

Bridge on the trail to Alberta Falls

Bridge on the hike to Alberta Falls

A Steller's Jay at Alberta Falls in Colorado

A Steller’s Jay at Alberta Falls in “Rocky”

Alberta Falls Gorge

View of the creek gorge from the trail near Alberta Falls

Frozen, snowy Alberta Falls

The frozen and snow-covered Alberta Falls in Rocky Mountain National Park

Glacier Gorge area in Rocky Mountain National Park

The Glacier Gorge parking area and trailhead on Bear Lake Road in RMNP

bridge on the Alberta Falls Trail

Footbridge along the trail to the falls

Alberta Falls

Alberta Falls, flowing with snowmelt in early June

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