Road Dog n. slang 1. Someone who is always traveling 2. A trusted traveling companion.

Road Dog Travel (The Road Dog Blog) is a site about all things travel, with a focus on Colorado (for now). I’ll be sharing lots of info and photos about everything from hiking trails to music events to museums. Links to posts, organized by state and country, are listed on the left side of the page. Other topics include music, history, waterfalls and my hometown of Lancaster, PA. Currently in Loveland, Colorado.

A few random facts about me, Chad Claeyssen      About me photo

-I have 41 years life experience and lived in Lancaster, PA for much of my life.
-I was born in Rockford, IL and have lived in Connecticut, Texas, Florida, and Germany while growing up.
-I’ve mostly had  “blue collar” jobs, so this might give me a little different perspective than many travel bloggers.
-I’m a dad. I have a eighteen year old daughter who has accompanied me on lots of trips.
-My favorite place I’ve spent the night on the road – A cozy apartment in the Paris 7th with a view
of the Eiffel Tower.
-My least favorite place I’ve spent the night – On the ground near Soldier Field, Chicago on a hot, humid summer night.
-I’ve driven almost 500,000 miles in my my life. That’s 20 times around the equator!
-I have been “studying” French since high school and I’m not near fluent.
-I toured with the Grateful Dead (93-95), one time sans (this is one of the words I
did learn) vehicle.
-I’m a budget traveler and cost is usually at or near the top of my considerations when planning a trip.
-I’m a francophile
-I love history, especially having to do with military and geography.

Photo Information

-All photographs on this blog were taken by me unless otherwise stated below the picture. If you’d like to use one or more photographs from this site, please contact me and ask permission. In most cases I’ll be happy to oblige and would just ask for a link back to the url of the picture in return.